I will assist you in obtaining this Vibrant Health – working with you to improve and restore the overall well-being of your physical body, while nurturing your heart. In each session, I will energetically guide you towards the balance of all your body systems, working with loving intentionality and presence.

    The Overall Objectives of My Work
      A To integrate the different multi-dimensional aspects of one’s being through the release of muscular and fascial constrictions that often lead to minor aches, pains, limited range of motion, and more.

      A To release old embedded emotions and chronic patterns that no longer serve you but have become locked into the tissues and organs of the body.  When released the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are able to realign into more harmonious relationships with one another.


    ATo Access & Open to Higher Vibrating Energies
    ATo Clear Negative Energy
    ATo Initiate Deep Relaxation

      Some Specific Objectives of Massage/Body Work  

    ATo Stimulate Circulation and Increase Energy
    ATo Assist Skeletal Alignment through Muscle Balance
    ATo Facilitate Lost Movement, Restoring Mobility
    ATo Revitalize and/or Soothe the Body and Mind
    ATo Ease Pain
    ATo Rebalance Energy Flows in the Energetic Pathway