Ramaela Facial MassageGenerate Expansion,
Releasing Constrictions thru Therapeutic Massage

At Integrations, this is a unique blending of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Esalen massage strokes/techniques integrated into a style designed to create deep relaxation. This combination of different techniques pinpoints and works out trouble spots of tension and constriction.

Hot Stone Massage Also Available

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MassageFind Flow & Flexibility with CranioSacral Therapy

One of the gentlest and most powerful of holistic healing
therapies, it strives to evaluate and balance the totality
of a physiological body system.

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Zen ShiatsuBalance and Restore with Zen Shiatsu

A Japanese form of bodywork manipulation administered by thumbs, fingers, palms, and elbows, in which sustained pressure is applied comfortably to all parts of the body on specific acupuncture points, situated on energy (Qi) meridians (energy pathways).

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Burnham Systems
Achieve a Youthful Look thru
Burnham Systems Facial* Rejuvenation

A natural process, similar in philosophy to reflexology, but focused on the head instead of the foot. Rejuvenates the face, head, and shoulders through a gentle touch that alternates between skilled hands-on sculpting strokes and gentle manipulation of pressure points which utilize major nerve centers. It can actually result in a younger appearance. (Biodynamic skin products are used.)

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*Facial: The word "Facial" does not denote a salon-style facial treatement. No instruments are used and no extractions are done. These facials are considered forms of bodywork.