How to Contact Marchia
Integrations is based in Wilton immediately off Route 7 at
26 Cricket Lane, Suite 3.
Telephone: 203-834-7800

Email: energy@integrationshealing.com

Hours of Business
Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Due to timing factors, it is neccesary to book appointments directly by phone.
Please Call 202-834-7800

Gift Certificates Available
Please call in advance to arrange for purchase
of Gift Certificates. Cash and personal checks are accepted
No charge cards please.

Policies and Standards
New clients are required to fill out a brief medical questionaire and sign a policies statement.
To save time on the day of your appointment, you may fill it out prior and bring it with you.
Please download pdf file below.

Policies & Standards - 2012

How to Find Integrations

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Massage Therapy Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes – $100.00
75Minutes - $115.00
90 Minutes - $130.00
90 minutes – Hot Stone - $150.00

At Integrations, a standard massage session is a blending of modalities. I integrate into a single session a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Esalen, and Shiatsu massage, as well as Burnham Facial Rejuvenation techniques. The modalities and the percentage of time given to each is determined prior to, or at the time of the session. Each session is customized, ascertained by an evaluation of what is needed and the client’s requests.

Full Shiatsu Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes – $100.00
75 Minutes - $115.00

Shiatsu is given on a futon mattress on the floor. It is recommended the recipient wear loose comfortable clothing: preferably cotton.

A Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation
A Lilly: 60 Minutes – $95.00
A Bougainvillea: 90 Minutes – $125.00
The Passion Flower: 120 Minutes – $165.00

This treatment is received on a table. The recipient removes any upper body garments and is covered in a sheet and towels.

A warm Herbal Face Wrap and a Cleanse is available at an extra charge ($10.00) with any of the three options listed above.

Facial: The word "Facial" does not denote a salon-style facial treatment. No instruments are used and no extractions are done.
These facials are considered forms of bodywork.