This philosophy is one of the building blocks of Integrations Heartbeauty.
It is a reminder, as well, that I am only a guide in the process.

Marchia Oliver

My name is Marchia K. Oliver

I founded Integrations in 1995 with the intention of helping people discover,
nurture, and sustain increased states of health, energy and beauty.

I am a well-qualified guide.

MassageBachelor of Arts, University of Connecticut

MassageNationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodywork Practitioner

MassageGraduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy’s Zen Shiatsu Program – based on the teachings of Shizuto Masunaga of Japan.

MassageNationally Certified Shiatsu Practitioner with AOBTA (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia) – awarded upon completing the 500 hour Zen Shiatsu Program

MassageMeridian Theory – I gained broader understanding of Oriental Medicine during two years as an assistant to a well-respected acupuncturist/instructor. Attended seminars with Pauline Sasaki and Jeffery Yuen.

MassageEsalen Massage Training

MassageReiki (Level II)

Turning Points

MassageDr. Linda Burnham’s System for Facial Rejuvenation – 500 hours

MassageUpledger’s Craniosacral Therapies

In 2001, my life took a turn when I began the study of these modalities. Dr. Burnham’s work led me to Kauai, Hawaii for a month of intensive study. Hands-on work continued during a 10-day graduation session in
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dr. Upledger’s SomatoEmotional Release was a trip of another kind, AND an amazing one, as well. Through these works I found myself releasing, embedded patterns and embarking on a transformational journey that turned out to be both professional and personal . . . and the journey continues.

My Vision

At an early age I had a powerful wish to become a miraculous healer. Trough this wish I developed and maintained a strong sense that it is our “birthright” to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life. In striving towards such an end, I have gained over 20 years of experience in the field of therapeutic body and energy work. Even though most of that work touches on the outer effects of the body, I am always questioning the underlying causes. Several years ago I changed the name of Integrations from Therapeutic Bodywork to HeartBeauty because in working with my clients I came to understand the vital role the heart plays in vibrant health. A heart that learns to open becomes a lover of life. My vision is to live a healthy, loving, long-lasting, vibrant life and to guide, uplift, and assist you in moving towards opening your own heart, if that is your wish.